About me

«Every human being is an artist.»

Joseph Beuys



Brigitte Moeckli lives and works in Zollikon near Zurich, Switzerland. After completing her studies in Art History, History and German at the University of Lausanne, Switzerland, she worked as a research assistant at the Art Institute in Chicago. The intense occupation with the history, techniques and philosophical aspects of works of art nourished her dream of creating her own art. While training in dance and movement therapy, she discovered drawing and painting, seeing them as the visible expression of movement. She enhanced her technical skills as an artist with formal training in Zurich, graduating as an art teacher. More recently, her fascination with all shades of the human condition led her to receive a diploma in process-oriented psychology. Currently she works as an artist using sound (drums, various percussion instruments, piano, and voice), photography and video.

Brigitte Moeckli’s work is a result of her background rooted in art history, the visual arts, dance and movement, music and psychology. She is curious about her inner world, manifesting itself in thoughts, dreaming and daydreaming, body experiences, altered states of consciousness, and interactions with people and various worlds. She amplifies her findings and experiences with coherent techniques and materials and exhibits them in the form of spatial installations.

This form of presenting her art invites the viewer to participate in the exploration of  themes concerning vital aspects of life or society, for example the continuous cycle of “becoming” and “decay” shown in the installation ”Momento’Mo“ in the Villa am Aabach in Uster, Switzerland, or the phenomenon of metamorphosis, the theme of her installation “Transformation” in the Toni-Areal in Zürich, and the installation ”Transformation II“ in the Museum Bickel in Walenstadt, Switzerland.

Her latest installation, and the photographs belonging to it, take an experimental approach to the theme of non-locality. She worked in collaboration with the musician/drummer Andreas Schmid, who lives in Denver, Colorado, USA.